Joan Myrthue Dressage

FEI rider and trainer Joan Myrthue

FEI rider and trainer Joan Myrthue

About Joan Myrthue, Dressage Trainer

*  FEI Grand Prix Dressage rider with over 30 years serious dressage study

*  Former Solo Rider for the World Famous Lipizzaner Stallion Tour

*  Experienced Dallas Dressage Trainer with talent for explaining complex dressage movements in easy to understand steps

* Teaches both classical dressage and western dressage

Joan is a Dallas Dressage trainer who offers her clients more than 34 years of classical riding experience and horsemanship. She studied Dressage extensively in Denmark, her native country, showing successfully both there and in America through the FEI levels. She has been training professionally for over l2 years and recently put her skills to use to perform, train and caring for the Lipizzaner Stallions as they traveled throughout the US and Canada.

A Dressage Trainer Who Makes Dressage Fun

Joan has a wonderful sense of humor and energy that engages the horse and the rider. She makes it fun to ride for both rider and horse. Her insights help the rider to understand their body position and how any variation of position affects the horse’s way of going.

Joan focuses on gymnastic training of the horse to develop the correct muscles allowing the horse to work freely and develop a solid base for the next level of training. The rider learns to help the horse seek the bit through soft and suppling hands, creating a beautiful long neck and head carriage with the poll high and the face being carried correctly on the vertical.

An emphasis is placed on making all lessons and training a positive experience. There is no reason for a tense rider as that leads to a tense horse and the horse must always be confident and comfortable in order to reproduce the exquisite movements, which have been given them by nature.

Andalusian Horse Trained By Joan

Andalusian Horse Trained By Joan

Want to Take Your Dressage to the Next Level?

Joan is now accepting a select number of students who want to learn dressage. All breeds and levels are welcome. Whether you are new to the world of dressage or have been competing for years, Joan can help you get the most out of your horse and riding. She has a proven record of success with horses and students including taking horses to the national level.

Joan has worked with many different horse breeds, including Warmbloods, Andalusians, Friesians, Lipizzaners, Arabians, Morgans, Quarter Horses, and Throroughbreds. Joan’s philosophy is that all horses improve with dressage.

If you are passionate about learning dressage or just want to improve your riding, Joan can teach you in a relaxed, enjoyable and supportive atmosphere.

Don’t wait. Treat yourself today. Call Joan Myrthue at 214-673-2080.