Joan Myrthue Dressage

Joan competing at Nationals on an Andalusian she trained.

Dressage Training for Your Horse

Whether you are a serious dressage competitor or just want a more responsive, better mannered trail horse, teaching dressage to a horse improves the horse.

Having trouble with your horse?
Dressage training can turn a problem horse into your favorite riding horse. Dressage training improves the communication between horse and rider. When a horse knows what you want and is provided the training to understand how to execute a maneuver, the horse becames a more willing partner.

Need someone to take you and your horse to the next level?
If you’ve been taking lessons forever and feel like you aren’t progressing, you need a teacher who can take you and your horse to the next level. Joan has competed at FEI Grand Prix levels and has taken horses to nationals.

Don’t have time to train your horse yourself?
A busy overloaded lifestyle can keep your horse from getting the training it deserves and you want to provide the horse. You’ve invested in a nice horse: now give the horse the opportunity to excel. Have Joan train your horse for you.

Joan will work with your horse to making it more flexible and supple. Joan can teach your horse classical dressage movements in her step-by-step training process. Horses trained by Joan are motivated and more fun to ride. They know what is expected and are fit and happy.

Joan is based in Dallas and can come to your barn to work with your horse so there is no additional boarding costs to you.

Call Joan at 214-673-2080 for prices on horse training packages.