Joan Myrthue Dressage

Joan in Lipizzaner Stallion Show

Joan in World Famous Lipizzaner Stallion Show

Dressage Lessons and Clinics

Dressage doesn’t have to be stuffy. Joan believes true dressage is learning the language of the horse and flowing with the horse. It should be enjoyable and learned in a relaxed environment.

Classical Dressage Lessons

Joan offers both group (2 or more) or individual lessons in classical dressage. Joan teaches at all levels from complete beginner to FEI levels. Joan can come to your barn or you can haul your horse in. Call Joan at 214-673-2080 for package prices on lessons.

Western Dressage Lessons

Sorrel Quarter Horse Learns Western Dressage

Quarter Horse Learns Western Dressage

One of the hottest new riding disciplines is Western Dressage. If you are a western rider and want to learn about the new sport of western dressage, talk to Joan about western dressage lessons or signing up for her next western dressage clinic.

Training a horse in dressage develops muscles not normally used in Western riding. In teaching dressage to a Western horse, you will improve his forward motion, flexibility and percise transitions. You’ll also improve the communication and relationship with your horse. Call Joan at 214-673-2080 for prices on Western Dressage Lessons packages.

Dressage Training for horses

Horse performing Shoulder In

Joan training horse to perform Shoulder In

Let Joan turn your horse into a dressage schoolmaster. Joan offers dressage training for horses at all levels from training level to Grand Prix. Joan will work with your horse and teach it classical dressage movements. Whether you are a serious dressage competitor or just want a more responsive, better mannered trail horse, dressage improves any horse. Joan will train and condition your horse so when you have time to ride, your horse will be ready. Call Joan at 214-673-2080 for prices on horse training packages.

Dressage Clinics

Joan offers clinics nationally. If your dressage club is looking for an internationally reknowned dressage teacher and trainer, Joan is avaiable to spend a weekend sharing her knowledge at your facility. She provides clinics for both classical and western dressage. Please call 214-673-2080 for clinic infomation and prices.