Joan Myrthue Dressage

What is Western Dressage?

Andalusian Horse

Western Dressage is a fun new horse sport.

There is an exciting new competitive horse sport called Western Dressage that is sweeping the nation. Like in classical dressage, riders and horses compete by riding standardized dressage tests only the horses are ridden in western tack. Many in the horse world predict that Western dressage is going to be the next big equestrian sport.

The United States Equestrian Federation is supporting western dressage and have developed dressage tests for it. According to the USEF, “by using classical dressage principles, the Western Dressage rider improves cadence, balance and carriage of the horse.”

If you ride western and are interested in having your horse become more supple and flexible, consider participating in western dressage.

Here are a few differences in riding western dressage from regular western pleasure riding. You can ride with either one hand or two hands but have to be consistent. In Western Dressage the rider has “light” contact with the horse, not a draped rein like in most western riding.

Joan makes learning Dressage fun.

A Dressage Queen Who Loves Western
Joan Myrthue loves horses and all kinds of riding. With her extensive dressage background she can demystify dressage and teach you western dressage correctly. Having competed in classical dressage for many years makes her perfect for training you and your horse to compete in Western Dressage.

Dressage doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. It can be fun and enjoyable. Joan can break down difficult dressage movements into simple, easy to understand steps.

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